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At Alexandra Lauren Designs, our interior designers we will work with you to transform any space in your home, office, restaurant, or roof top terrace to entirely alter the way it is perceived, felt, appreciated and lived in.  At Alexandra Lauren Designs we believe life is to be celebrated! Our party styling services will take the hassle out of your next soirée, and help to deliver your extra special message down to the finest details.  


We carefully design our spaces and hand select our products from around the world with an eye for craftsmanship, and attention to the smallest details.  We understand that the artifacts in your home are not just objects, but stories... Be sure to visit our indoor and outdoor furniture gallery and select home decor items. 


Decorative Clam Shell, Large


Decorative Clam Shell, Large


This beauty is perfect for a succulent scape, and arrangement of orchids, rolled towels on a bathroom vanity, or simply sitting on a shelf.  We also love filling this with ice and beverages during cocktail parties!  The uses are endless!


7.5" High

20.5" Deep

27" Wide

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